Android App für DNA Chips

      Android App für DNA Chips

      DNAMate is a companion app for vape mods running on Evolv DNA chips. It allows some control over the device and reports 'live view' statistics about your vape mod.

      Compatible with Mods using Evolv DNA 200, 75, 75c, 250, 250c, DNA GO chips and more

      **IMPORTANT: DNAMate requires a USB OTG cable to connect your phone to your DNA vape mod**
      **Your phone must support OTG connections to use this app. Most modern phones do**

      Features include:
      -Set Mod profiles
      -Set vape wattage
      -Set vape temperature
      -Sending custom serial commands to the mod
      -Temperature mode toggle
      -Charging toggle
      -Test fire mod
      -Reboot Mod
      -Battery statistics on a 'per cell/battery' basis
      -Battery graph
      -Resistance statistics for Temperature mode enthusiasts
      -Puff counter
      -Puff power consumption
      -Puff duration
      -Display the temperature of the Chip/board
      -Display chip model, serial number and URL
      -Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle for temperature mode settings
      -Update interval toggle

      More features will be added with future updates.

      If you encounter a BUG please report it to
      Versuch macht Klug.